FringeReview’s Recommended Show!

FringeReview have kindly listed us as a Recommended Show, saying:


Snooze offers something different from a traditional format play. Prepare to watch, to be included and involved, to interact, to promenade and to be disturbed … Recommended for the energy, the invention and the heartfelt oomph of the trio of performers and their supporting musicians.”


Come on down to City Café on Blair Street at 12.30 each day to see us. Only until the 8th of August!




Dream Harvest

We are harvesting dreams. We want to collect dreams and consider the ways in which people dream. As well as contributing towards our piece, ‘Snooze’, we will be making a wide database of dreams for future projects. We are hosting a number of workshops across the UK to record dream narratives, but we also need your help.

Click on our ‘Taeke Paert’ page to anonymously tell us about a dream you remember and your dream perceptions. Maybe you have a recurring dream, one that you remember vividly from childhood, or maybe you often dream about turning up to the office naked. Please share! You’ll be helping to make theatre.