Blank Canvas

We recently hosted our first Scratch Night. It was an opportunity for artists to meet and work with each other on short scenes around the theme of the New Year. We were really excited by the amount of applications we received, and it was great to have creatives from all different disciplines working together. The finished performance was set in an immersive ‘Resolutions Anonymous’ meeting, for those of us who had failed at keeping our resolutions. It was a madcap evening and big thank yous to everyone who came along for the ride. Particular praise to the wonderful Ruth for hosting us in her glorious creative space, Canvas Cafe. Check her out here: (and make sure to sample the greatest Mocha in the world – genuinely, I think it might be my soulmate).

We’re currently pondering how to progress with the project, so check back in for further news…

We are Chimaera Theatre, and we’ve failed at keeping our resolutions x