Another Great Review for Snooze

Alice Taylor of ThreeWeeks gave us this wonderful review, and a very appreciated four stars. Read the original copy here.

The Circus of Dreams is surreal, mysterious yet strangely magnetic. The Ringmaster, Dolly and Ariel invite you into the Circus as both a spectator and an employee. Interestingly the action is informed by actual dreams collected in a series of workshops, adding an element of truth, importance and intrigue to the action. Following this vein, the show takes on the form of a dream: confusing, ever ungraspable yet enthralling and all-consuming. The acting is truly brilliant with sincere, believable improvisation and playful interaction with the audience. Chimaera Theatre have combined those two essentials- an intriguing concept and a spectacular cast- into one wonderful show. The Circus of Dreams awaits your arrival.

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, until 8 Aug, 12.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Alice Taylor]